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Massage Therapy
Mandi Johnson, CMT

Mandi graduated from Sister Rosalind Gefre School of Massage in 2006. In 2007 she began working with the Dr. Sam and Dr. Jennie at Cornerstone Chiropractic where she specializes in relaxation massage, deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.

Mandi also does pregnancy massage and on site chair massages for special events. Mandi recently finished her Reiki practitioner training and is excited to apply her new skills and knowledge to clients whom are open to receiving it.

Mandi's primary mission is to make you feel comfortable and welcome in a relaxing environment while providing you with the care to help you achieve your health goals.

Karla Knutson, LMT

Karla has been practicing massage therapy for five years. She became licensed in Massage Therapy at Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2011. She worked as an Independent Contractor in Milwaukee for less than a year before opening up her own massage studio. She decided to return to her hometown of Montevideo, Minnesota in 2016 to be closer to her family.

Karla has also participated in chair massage events at offices and schools. She takes classes in continuing education whenever she can, including classes in Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release. She specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. She has had good results helping clients with sciatic nerve pain, headaches, neck and upper back pain, and others.

Karla enjoys being able to help others function better in their everyday lives. Karla offers 30, 60 and 90 minute massage therapy sessions.

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Tami Gabrielson, Naturopath, CNHP, CHC

Tamiís focus is on holistic health, which includes mind, body, and spirit - the whole person. A holistic approach can relieve symptoms, modify contributing factors, and enhance the individual's life system to optimize future well-being. This can be done through several avenues, including: addressing digestive concerns and nutritional deficiencies, healing emotions, lifestyle changes, and supplementation.

Tamiís passion is to help people live the abundant life they were created for, while meeting clients with grace, kindness, acceptance, and spirit without condition.

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Shaylo Orr, CMT

Shaylo is a recent graduate from Lake Superior College in Duluth. After graduating from the Massage Therapy program, he worked at Glacial Waters Spa at Grandview Lodge for the summer. He and his wife recently moved to Montevideo in order for his wife to continue working towards becoming a family practice doctor.

Shaylo strives to provide a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere while helping clients with their goals, whether that is to simply relax and take stress out of their day, or working into problem areas to help with muscle tension and soreness. Shaylo primarily does full body relaxation and deep tissue massages and offers 30, 60, and 90 minute massages.

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